Junk Rescue Single Stream Recycling Curbside Collection

Curbside Collection

Junk Rescue is pleased to offer discerning Charlotte businesses, property managers, and even neighborhoods with weekly curbside collection services.  This includes curbside collection of recyclables such as paper, cardboard, metals, plastics, and glass, sometimes refered to as 'Single Stream' or 'Co-Mingled' recycling collection.  Junk Rescue can customize these services to fit the needs of your business, property, or neighborhood.  This may include picking up on a certain day of the week or at a certain time of the day.  We can provide bins or use bins already in place in some situations.  We can also pick up bagged recycling in situations where large rolling bins or containers are not ideal or aesthetically pleasing.  If it takes us picking up trash, although we don't like trash, we'll do that too.

Junk Rescue also provides curbside collection of bulky items or bulk materials.  This includes items such as mattresses, electronics, carpet, furniture, pallets, yard debris, etc. Unlike most bulky item collection programs provided by large waste haulers and most municipalities, Junk Rescue actually takes the time to sort and separate bulk waste in order to see that most of it gets recycled.  Does this cost money?  Sure it does, but we do what's right for the environment, not just what's right for our pockets. You can rest easy when you call Junk Rescue as we make every effort to reduce the amount of trash that ends up in our overflowing landfills. 

Do you want Junk Rescue picking up in your neighborhood or office building?  Have your homeowner's association or property manager give us a call!

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