Junk Rescue Recycling Dumpster Services

Recycling Dumpsters

Now more than ever before, our generation is being held accountable for our waste generation.  The days of throwing everything in a dumpster headed to the landfill are hopefully coming to a close.  Did you know that the vast majority of new construction waste is 100% recyclable or that most of the items you pull out of your attic or garage are not only recyclable but reusable.  We have to start acknowledging this!  Junk Rescue is excited to now provide 10 and 12 yard recycling dumpster services in Charlotte, NC.

What is a recycling dumpster you ask?  Well, we think it can be many different things.  Put simply, everything that goes in a Junk Rescue recycling dumpster gets a second chance.  

We can do this through a couple of different options to our customers.  The first option is providing a dumpster for a single, recyclable material.  This might include clean wood, shingles, drywall, dry carpet, cardboard, appliances, electronics, masonry, etc.  By only placing one type of recyclable material in the dumpster, that material can be efficiently emptied at the appropriate recycling vendor for that material.  

The second option is to provide a dumpster for multiple reusable or recyclable items.  This dumpster can have any combination of recyclable materials which could also include furniture and household junk being removed from an attic, basement, garage, or anywhere else.  This option allows the customer the freedom to put whatever they want in the dumpster, knowing that Junk Rescue technicians will sort out all reusable items or recyclable materials once removed. 

Want to know just how much you recycled?  Ask us about weight tracking to account for the materials you recycle.  

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