Junk Rescue Commercial Junk Removal Charlotte NC

Property Cleanouts

When tenants move out, Junk Rescue cleans up.   Junk Rescue understands the importance of maintaining happy tenants and rapid filling of vacancies. We know what a headache it is when tenants move out, leaving you with a mess or when a new tenant doesn't like the cubicles or furniture in their space.  When it comes to removal, recycling, or cleanouts, remember one brand, Junk Rescue!  Our professional, uniformed recycling technicians will make your life easy.

Whether you are a commercial or residential property or a property manager, Junk Rescue provides the customizable services needed to keep you and your tenants smiling. Maintaining clean and environmentally friendly properties will not only keep your properties safe and orderly, but it will greatly improve your tenant satisfaction and retention. No matter where the items are located, we can handle all the moving, loading, and cleanup necessary to meet your property's demands.This includes just about anything from old office furniture or outdated electronics to material overruns and unsold inventory. 

You can rest easy when you call Junk Rescue because handling junk is what we do.  We make every effort to reduce the amount of trash that ends up in our overflowing landfills which means everything we pick up gets a second look.  We take the time to find the right home for all of your items, even finding businesses or non profits that may be able to use the items that you see as trash.  

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