Wood Recycling

wood recycling

Wood Recycling

Junk Rescue currently collects and recycles clean, untreated and unpainted wood.  This can include pallets, construction lumber, certain types of plywood, and basically any wood that has not been altered to preserve it, stain it, or paint it.  So where does it go you ask?  Well, certain woods are reused.  This includes hand hewn beams, old barn wood, or antique wood flooring, dimensional lumber that may have been unused on a construction site, or pallets that are no longer needed.  The rest of the clean wood that is not reusable is chipped into mulch where it is then used as burner fuel for power production or industrial heating.  Unfortunately, we are no longer able to recycle MDF because of a new EPA regulation that prevents certain glues from being used in burner fuels applications.  We are also unable to recycle treated or painted woods but we strive to find avenues for reuse before disposal.

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