Terms and Conditions



Dumpster Rental


  • All residential dumpster rental services are required to pay at time of booking.

  • All dumpster rentals are for a 3 day period.

  • Extra days can be arranged at $10 per day.

  • Drop off times are only promised for either 'mornings' or 'afternoons' as a specific hour is not possible to promise. If you need a specific time - please call us and we can do our best.

  • Your payment includes 1.5 Tons of material. Any overages will be charged an extra $65 per Ton. In the rare event the dumpster is so heavy that it is unsafe to move – the dumpster will need to have weight removed before it can be picked up (Extra days are charged at the rate above until a safe weight is met)

  • If you find your ideal day for a drop off is not available online on our booking page – please CALL us on 1 800 JUNK911 and we can make something work for you.


Junk Removal Services

  • All residential junk removal services will be charged at the agreed upon rate upon completion of the job. ​​

  • $90 is the minimum charge for any pickup.

  • Larger removal jobs will be required to pay a deposit prior to any work being started.

  • Sending us pictures of your items to be removed will greatly help us accurately quote you for our services. Please send to info@junkrescue.com

  • For any other inquires or information – just call 1 800 JUNK911 and we can help you.

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