Junk Rescue is a brand on a mission! Our mission, Give junk a second chance!

Junk Rescue is more than just another junk removal company. It is a core belief that all material should have a use and after its original use, a reuse. If reuse cannot occur, then used material needs to have the opportunity to be broken down into its basic elements and recycled or composted.

What if every material, no matter what it's original design or intention had a second purpose? What if nothing had to go to the landfill or the incinerator? Sure, it's a far fetched idea, but what if there was a company that tried to make it happen? What if that company was like a rescue squad for unwanted junk, racing through streets and back alleys, trying to save everything they could from the ultimate demise of the landfill? Could a company called Junk Rescue have an effect on global waste? What if that company started a movement that turned us into a zero waste society? We think it's worth a shot. Do you?


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